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            When deciding on which company to choose for your roofing project, there are plenty of factors to consider when picking the ideal roofing partner. From price, to availability, to experience, to credentials, there are many reasons to pick one company over another. While some roofing companies offer roofing as one of their services, Norato Roofing and Renovations specializes in roofing. Our owner David Delgado is a licensed roofing contractor in the State of North Carolina. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the importance of selecting a roofing contractor for your home or business. If you’re unfamiliar with our company, Norato Roofing and Renovations is based out of Wilmington, NC however we service Leland, Hampstead, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Southport, and other areas within Eastern North Carolina.

The Importance of Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Certifications- With the amount of roofing companies in the Wilmington area, it can be difficult to differentiate roofing companies from one another. Each company is made up of different owners, employees, equipment, experience, and certifications. When seeking out a roofing company to choose, find a company with a roofing contractor. For jobs over $30,000, roofing companies are required to apply for a state license. That being said, if your roofing project is below $30,000, looking for a general contractor with decades of experience specifically with roofing is highly recommended.

Understanding and Experience- When you’re paying a roofing company to work on typically the largest asset, finding a company with understanding and experience is pivotal. Think about any job you’ve ever applied for, after they ask for your name the first question they typically ask about is your experience. In the same way a company wants to know your accomplishments within that career path, you should ask the same questions about experience to your roofer. Ask specific questions about their background within roofing, such as roof type, shingle type, and pitch.

Bonded and Insured- While you hope a company never needs to use their insurance, making certain that the company has a policy in place is extremely important. For instance, if the roofing company were to damage your home while installing the roof then their insurance policy would protect you as the homeowner. If for some reason the contractor would go out of business while installing your roof, then the bond would kick in and cover the money paid to the roofing company by the homeowner. Both of these policies are very important to ask for before beginning work with your roofing contractor. 

How To Contact Norato Roofing and Renovations

            Hiring a local, certified roofing contractor or general contractor with roofing experience in the Wilmington area is clearly the right move when purchasing a new roof. That being said, choosing the right roofing contractor for you based on budget, schedule, and fit is important. While doing research on this topic, we found this article by Bill Ragan Roofing Company extremely useful. As questions are raised by you and your family making this decision, we are here to walk with you and answer any questions. To contact our office by telephone, please call 910-228-5748 or by email, just click this link to our website.